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House Greim Military Attache Available to Order From Forge World

Not everyone in the underhive fighting in the gang wars is an uncouth savage. House Greim is looking to add some genuine military might to their forces with the addition of a Military Attache. You can add these two figures to your Necromunda team now over on the Forge World website.

From the announcement:

The scions of House Greim make their way downhive, with the Military Attaché ready to bring tactical nous, advanced technology, and some enormous epaulettes to any gang. 

House Greim is known across Necromunda for funding the manufacture of top-quality weaponry – and their members often head into the underhive to oversee live-fire weapons tests. 

The Krieg Mesters that lead these delegations are more than competent in combat, but they prefer to offer their military expertise to gang leaders from the rear – even when it’s not necessarily wanted.