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House Cawdor Executioner Available To Order for Necromunda

Those that oppose House Cawdor must face judgement. Those within House Cawdor must remain vigiliant. Why? because the Headsman isn't going to just hang out doing nothing all day. Necromunda players can order the new House Cawdor Executioner figure now from Forge World.

From the website:

Each Executioner of House Cawdor is recognisable by the means of justice that they hand out. The Headsman carries a giant two-handed axe with which to enforce the will of the Redemption. These grim killers hide their face behind a mask and their true identities are known only to the Thane of Cawdor himself.

The Headsman is a Bounty Hunter who can be hired by any Cawdor gang. His axe will bring swift judgement to unbelievers and believers alike, while his candles light the way for true followers.

This is a complete resin kit and is supplied with a 25mm Necromunda Base. Rules for using this model are included in the packaging.