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Horror Guide and Scenario Collection for Kult: Divinity Lost RPG Up On Kickstarter

Helmgast, the company behind Kult: Divnity Lost, is looking to add a bunch of new resources for those playing their RPG. There are a pair of sourcebooks that will help GMs run their games. One is a guide for building scenarios of their own while the other is a bunch of pre-made adventures that are ready to drag and drop onto your game. They also have maps, card decks, and more to also get things going. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

With this Kickstarter, Helmgast is excited to present two new source books for the ENnie award winning game KULT: Divinity Lost, along with two new gaming aids, all to support the Gamemaster before and during play. 

The books will have hard covers and be full color, filled with beautiful and disturbing art, matching the Core Rules - both in style and quality. Both covers are created by the praised artist Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme, who also made the cover for the Core Rules, The Black Madonna, and Taroticum and Other Tales.

Beyond Darkness and Madness is a book that serves as a tool for the Gamemaster in creating scenarios, locations, characters and building a horror atmosphere.

Screams and Whispers is a scenario collection featuring six scenarios, which a Gamemaster can pick up and play with minimum preparation.

Labyrinths and Secret Chambers is a set with maps and floor plans that a Gamemaster can use to quickly set scenes in play or prepare interesting locations during the downtime phase.

Weapon Deck is a deck with 55 reference cards for weapons and gear that can be given to the players for easy reference.

The campaign's around 15x funded, but only has just over 2 days left to go.