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Horrible Guild Running Tiny Turbo Cars Kickstarter

It's time to burn rubber and get that checkered flag, all from your living room. Horrible Guild has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their fast-(and furious)-paced game, Tiny Turbo Cars. Don't be left in the dust. Head over and check it out now.

From the campaign:

What were Mom and Dad thinking when they left you kids alone at home? Look at the mess you made, you agents of chaos! Well, no use crying over spilled milk... you know what? Before you start cleaning up the house, there’s still time to... START YOUR ENGINES!

Tiny Turbo Cars is a frantic racing game for 2 to 4 players, designed by 4Brains4Games (Laura Severino, Giulia Tamagni, Alessandro Manuini, Jonathan Panada) and Hjalmar Hach.

Dodge furniture and furnishings and be the fastest to cross the finish line in customized in-house tracks! To move your car, you’ll need to think fast and use your sliding puzzles to program the most awesome sequence of commands ever… before your opponents!

But that’s not all! You’ll also need to use the unique abilities of your car to create awesome combos, and take advantage of the environment to race even faster. With the modular track-building mechanism no race will be the same.

Can your fingers be as fast as your mind… and faster than your opponents? Rev up your engine and race into the danger zone with Tiny Turbo Cars!

The game's up and over its funding goal with 20 days to go.