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Horizon Wars: Over the Horizon Now Available

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>
You know that sound. It's the Giant Robot Alert. And while we don't have new minis specifically, we do have new rules for using them. Horizon Wars has a new supplment out and available now. You can head over to Wargame Vault and pick up your own copy of Over the Horizon.

From the announcement:

It's been the best part of three years in the making, but the definitive supplement for Horizon Wars is finally available to download from Wargame Vault.

The contents aims to meet the needs of every kind of Horizon Wars fan. For the enthusiasts of hard science fiction, there's DataWar, which brings tactical electronic warfare to the tabletop. For 80s cartoon and anime fans, there are rules for Metaformers, transforming mechs and vehicles. For steampunks, there's Weird Horizons, adding tezla cannons, dark gods and airships to your forces. If you have loads of friends playing Horizon Wars, you can pull out the tournament rules. If it's just you, then enjoy the solo play rules.

Over the Horizon is hopefully going to finance the completion - amongst other things - of Zero Dark, our 15-18mm sci-fi skirmish game, so we've set the price point at a very reasonable (in our opinion) £15.00. But if that feels a little steep, don't forget that there are free supplements, too:

The Maul is your introduction to heavy metal sports gaming in the 23rd Century. Play in the pro leagues, with teams of mechs, or test your skills in the deadly (and highly illegal) amateur game that permits tanks and even infantry!

Battle Royale is the ultimate test of mech-on-mech combat: each player brings exactly one mech to the tabletop and the winner is the last mech standing! Fans of Titanfall will love it.