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Hong Kong: Special Administrative Region Expansion Available for Technoir RPG

There's a new expansion book available for the Technoir RPG. It's called Hong Kong: Special Administrative Region and it takes players, predictably, to Hong Kong. The harbor water is gross. There's fetid rain that's been falling for months. The government is corrupt as all hell. How will one survive under such conditions? That's for you to find out.

From the website:

Strap on your airmask and take a deep breath: Technoir’s February 2019 release is Hong Kong: Special Administrative Unit, a transmission created by Mark Redacted.

Hong Kong: Special Administrative Region, a new transmission for the award-winning Technoir roleplaying game, has been released by Dream Machine Productions. In this dystopic cyberpunk future, Hong Kong’s fragrant harbor has become a fetid mess. Month-long acidic rains pour from the sky while triad and corporate corruption has enmeshed the city in debt and crippled its infrastructure. Most of the populace has been forced in warrens extending hundreds of meters into the bedrock and can escape only into the Immatrix broadcasts that allow viewers to feel the actors’ every sensation in real-time.

The release of the Hong Kong transmission also marks the continued success of 2019’s Return of Technoir! event. Originally kickstarted in 2011, Technoir won a Judges’ Spotlight Ennie in 2012, but ran into difficulty fulfilling its stretch goals. Since the beginning of the year, Dream Machine Productions has has successfully released a super-sized version of Morenoir, a supplement featuring advanced options and game master advice for the game, and also a full playtest draft of Hexnoir.

Additional supplements have followed, including Indianapolis Conplex, Kepler Station, and, now, Hong Kong: Special Administrative Region. Dream Machine Productions plans to release Hexnoir in April 2019, and continues work on a further slate of exciting support material for both Hexnoir and the original Technoir throughout the rest of the year.