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Honesty Stone Strategy Game Up On Kickstarter

"Honesty is the best policy" is a good motto to live by in your everyday life.

When you're sitting down at the gaming table... ... maybe not so much. That's the story behind Honesty Stone, a new abstract strategy board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Players take their turns from first player in turn. Player must indicate any one of another player's Jewel pieces and guess it's Jewel's color in his/her turn. Indicated player must reply his/her guess attack is correct or incorrect. If guess attack is correct the player must open the Jewel piece to flip. Revealed Jewel loses their special effect power.  If guess attack is incorrect the player keeps the Jewel piece without flipping.

Player may use a Jewel's special effect power instead of a color guess attack in his/her turn, if he/she has a color hidden Jewel(s) which has a special effect power.  

There are three kinds of special effect powers which are "Peep", "Exchange" and "Deny". 

  • "Peep" Player can look at any one of hidden Jewel pieces by using "Peep" power. 
  • "Exchange" Player can exchange any one of their own hidden Jewel piece to any one of center table Jewel pieces by using "Exchange" power. 
  • "Deny" Player can guess the color negative by using "Deny" power. For example, "I guess this Jewel is not blue"  This guess would be correct if the  Jewel's color is red or black, so a "Deny" guess attack has twice the probability of hitting the color.

Players those who open all three Jewel pieces must retire from playing and become a zombie player. 

Players can tell a lie when they are attacked by a guess and using special effect power unless keeping the power Jewel, if they aren't revealed by other players. But if they are revealed to be liar by Honesty stone, liar must open all his/her Jewel pieces and retire the playing and become a zombie player. 

The game is just up and over its goal with 7 days left to go.