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Hobby World Announces Cutterland Board Game

You might not have thought much about it, but those landscapes that you adventure through were created by someone or something. Those dungeons didn't just sprout up. Those tended gardens didn't grow just that way. It was put together specifically. Now, in Cutterland, a new board game coming from Hobby World, you can join in on the (literal) world-building action.

From the website:

Hello, adventurer!

You must have seen a lot: miraculous worlds, battles with dragons, good triumphing over evil… You also must have suspected that dungeons were not designed on their own and dragons did not collect all of those riches they usually guard. That’s what we do — create fabulous lands that would meet your highest expectations! Since there are more and more of you coming, we’re overloaded and ready to hire you if you want to try your hand!

Cutterland is an innovative strategy board game where you get to cut the cards — literally cut them into pieces and compete on creating your own fabulous lands. You will divide the cards, distribute the pieces between the players, and score victory points for the creatures inhabiting your land. Whoever has the most attractive land at the end of the game, wins!