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Hibachi Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Remember going to restaurants? I do. And one of the most fun experiences was going to a hibachi restaurant and watching your food get cooked by talented chefs right in front of you. It's dinner and a show. But while we shouldn't go out to restaurants right now, we can still live vicariously through games, like Hibachi by Grail Games. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Hibachi is a dexterity game, but tactics, timing, and money management all play a part. Hibachi’s mixed mechanisms keep the game feeling fresh. With its dash of interaction, stirred up with the meaningful decisions that are made every turn. It’s time for the rebirth of this classic!

Hibachi benefits from a fun theme mixed with hilarious gameplay. Players must throw chips on the board, knocking other chips around with unexpected results, but they must also plan ahead, striving to build a strategy that will allow them to collect the ingredients they need! There’s truly nothing like it.

Hibachi is an energetic and tactile game, with a fast pace. Rules are explained easily, making it simple to learn and play. Its unique mix of dexterity and strategy-building makes Hibachi the perfect game for almost EVERYONE!

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 11 days left to go.