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Heroes of Terinoth Now Available

Terinoth is Fantasly Flight Game's fantasy setting. It's where quite a few of their products are set, and a new one has just hit the streets. Heroes of Terinoth pits players against all the strange and weird creaters, monsters, and other dangers of the land, as they work to complete the quest set before them. You can pick up your copy now.

From the announcement:

Terrinoth is in peril and now the realm looks to you for a savior in Heroes of Terrinoth! The restless dead rise in the Mistlands, the Bloodguard sow discord in the Free Cities, and even the Land of Steel is no longer safe as tales of marauding goblins travel along the roads. You must step into the shoes of a hero and journey into the darkest dungeons and caverns, seeking out the dangers that threaten Terrinoth and casting them down. And if you happen to get rich along the way… well, what's the harm in that?

Heroes of Terrinoth is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!