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HeroClix Rules Update Incoming

The rules for HeroClix are getting an overhaul, starting with the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman set. What all will be changing? Well, we've got a bit of a preview from the company, as well as an explanation of why these changes are being made. Let's take a look.

From the announcement:

Greetings HeroClix Masterminds!

The team has worked hard to nudge the game from the last major round of changes. Rules you read about won’t be changed until the release of DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary when the new rulebook is in-hand for players. Just like last time there were significant rules changes, we’ll reveal the full rules and PAC changes in advance of the product’s release.

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing what’s best for HeroClix with retailers, players, and judges. The people who took the time to share their thoughts are trusted partners in the success of HeroClix. This is an ongoing process that shapes our approach to the product. We landed on one main goal with lots of facets: Make HeroClix easier to learn.

Overall, we have an easier task in front of us because of some of the structure from the past. There were things that we learned from the 2017/2018 Rules Changes that informed our direction here.