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HeroClix House of X Available for Pre-order

HeroClix is getting an upgrade in mini quality and the first set to feature those changes is up for pre-order over on the WizKids website. House of X, as you'd expect (or should that be X-pect?) is all about the X-Men and their various allies and foes. It's mutant-powered mayhem.

From the announcement:

For nearly 20 years, HeroClix has been the industry’s leading pre-painted tabletop miniatures game. While we’ve constantly worked to keep the game fresh and increase the quality of the miniatures, House of X will showcase a combo of tested and new ways for us to improve the visual “wow” of the game pieces.

Simply put – these figures look fantastic! It’s not random, and it’s only the beginning. We’ll maintain and increase the visual impact across the line moving forward,