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Henshin Sentai RPG Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Ok ,so the Henshin Sentai-themed RPG doesn't specifically have bunches of giant robots in it, since not all Sentai shows do, but let's face it, it's basically a given. Anyway, if you're looking for some super-Sentai action and want to play around in a diceless RPG, Henshin might just be for you. The game has been out for a while as a .pdf, but they're looking to print it and expand on it with this Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

We’re Cave of Monsters Games and welcome to our Kickstarter for Henshin!: A Sentai RPG.

We have lots of information below about the game such as how it works, what you’ll get, and our story, but if you are looking for only a short summary, here we go:

  1.  Henshin! is a diceless, story-forward tabletop role-playing game that is our love letter to all things Super Sentai.
  2.  Super Sentai is a series of TV shows in Japan that feature brightly colored teams of heroes that have also been adapted in America as shows such as Power Rangers.
  3.  Henshin! has been available for two years as a digital PDF, alongside modules & additional playbooks consistently released since Dec 2017. Since then the game sold over 2,600 units across 30 countries. We’ve also engaged with the Super Sentai & Power Rangers communities, and debuted an exclusive version of the game at Power Morphicon 2018. 
  4.  Henshin! is intended to be accessible to all types of game players. We've heard from players, that they enjoy that the game allows for diverse representation of heroes (heroes of color, LGBTQ+ heroes, disabled heroes) not always seen in the sentai genre, which we are immensely proud of. 
  5. Our goal with this campaign is to collect all our published content, including new modules, to expand on resources fans have asked for, and to publish everything as a 120+ page paperback book and ebook available for order on demand through DriveThruRPG. We’re aiming for $5,000 to complete this comprehensive book.

The game's more than 2x funded with 23 days left to go.