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Heiki Strike Alternative Card Game Up On Gamefound

Japanime Games' latest card game is now up on Gamefound. Head over and check out Heiki Strike Alternative, this new 2-player tactical card game. Build up your forces and attack your enemies to prove your dominance on the battlefield.

From the announcement:

Heiki Strike Alternative is LIVE on GameFound and just waiting for your support, so donate now to help us bring this unique, 2-player tactical card game to life!

Heiki Strike features more than 80 unique pieces of original art, including the Heiki and the Battlegrounds! Each Heiki is depicted in a beautiful anime art style as a cute moe gijinka style (as a tank-girl, ship-girl, or plane-girl - think Kantai Collection or Azur Lane)- and each brings potent combat abilities to the battlefield!

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 15 days.