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Heiki Strike Alternative Card Game Coming to Gamefound Next Week

On October 5th, Japanime Games will be launching a Gamefound campaign for Heiki Strike Alternative, their new tactical card game. Spirits have been showing up on Earth, ready to do battle. It's up to you to make sure your side comes out on top.

From the website:

Heiki Strike Alternative is a tactical card game for 2 players. Players are commanders, building squads of Heiki (mysterious beings that suddenly appeared all over the world, appearing to be the spirits of weapons in human form) to confront each other.

Choose to play Axis or Allies, use air or sea superiority to take the offense or deplete the other squad’s resources to claim victory. Heiki Strike Alternative is releasing as a joint project between Japanime Games and our sister company, Kamikaze Games.

Heiki Strike launches its crowdfunding campaign soon - if you want to be the first to know when the campaign goes live, give us your email above!