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Harry Potter: House Cup Competition Now Available

During the school year at Hogwarts, all the different houses compete with one-another to earn points through good deeds, high academic performance, and winning athletic competitions. In the end, it's all for the bragging rights and earning the House Cup for the year. Now, you can join in, as Harry Potter: House Cup Competition is now available from The OP Games.

From the article:

Wands at the ready! Harry Potter: House Cup Competition is finally here! The Op is excited to introduce the first Wizarding World-inspired “worker placement” game that challenges Harry Potter fans to fill the iconic Hogwarts House hourglasses for the chance to win the coveted House Cup.

Have a seat and prepare to partake in countless combinations of Knowledge and Magic to master basic and advanced Lessons, conquer various Challenges, and collect the most House points by the end of term! You will be strategizing with beloved characters from the Harry Potter film series—three from each Hogwarts house – including Harry Potter™, Cedric Diggory™, Luna Lovegood™, and Draco Malfoy™, with other familiar faces comprising their dedicated teammates.

To compete, players will send out their students to locations in the Library, Classrooms, and Professor’s offices, where they can explore opportunities to study and upgrade their levels of proficiency over the course of seven rounds. The holder of the First Player token can affect how every game unravels, which keeps players alert for an upper hand!