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Hard City Board Game Up On Kickstarter

The evil Doctor Zero is flooding the streets with his hordes of mutant zombies. It's up to the police force of Hard City to stop him. That's what's going on in the retro-80s board game Hard City up on Kickstarter now. Grab your neon, spandex, and other 80s tropes and head over to the campaign.

From the campaign:

Designed by Marek Raczyński and Adam Kwapiński, Hard City is a tactical adventure board game in a unique new retro setting, heavily inspired by B-class action movies and the atmosphere of the 1980s era! One of up to five players takes the role of Doctor Zero - an evil mastermind sending mutants to the streets and trying to take control of the metropolis, while others play as brave Hard City Police Officers fighting to stop him!

The campaign is over its funding goal. So it's on through stretch goals for the next 11 days.