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Happy Games Factory Running HeroClash Crowdfunding Campaign on Game On Tabletop

Happy Games Factory is looking to bring you a new fantasy miniatures game. It's called HeroClash and they've got a campaign up and running on Game On Tabletop. You can pick up either of the new factions or the 2-player starter set that's got everything you need to get going in this new fantasy adventure.

From the campaign:

Heroclash is a fast and tactical game for two players (at the moment). Each player is a hero who must overcome his opponent, using violence or cunning!

Thus you can win either by completing the previously drafted missions to gain more supremacy points than your opponent, or by eliminating the enemy hero.

Each player will be able to personalize their hero at the beginning of the game through a system of cards of abilities. You can choose to recruit auxiliaries who will accompany your hero in combat or may acquire powerful magic equipment or unique martial skills before the confrontation!

The set-up and the game only last 30 minutes, it will be easy for you to play several parties in a row or to organize friendly tournaments!

The campaign is 82% funded with still 7 days left to go.