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Happy Games Factory Running ArenaBots Miniatures Board Game Kickstarter

In the desolate world of Happy Games Factory's Eden universe, many are left hunkering for shelter in underground living spaces. However, there's little to do under there, and many turn to a life of building and learning to pilot different robots. Of course, where there's an act, there's a competition to see who's best at that act. And that's what brings us to ArenaBots, a new sci-fi miniatures board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In the future devastated world of Eden, life is harsh for what is left of mankind. A portion of it now lives in underground shelters ruled by an almighty A.I., but it's a boring life for many, especially the youth.

The most talented pilot students in robotics clandestinely gather around improvised arenas and compete to determine who's the best bot Pilot. Surrounded by a team of 6 bots, each pilot attempts to dominate the arena.