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Happy Games Factory Releases Avatar of Change For Eden

Happy Game Factory has a new figure for Eden available to order up on their website. It's the Avatar of Change. Or, conversely, you can also use it as Varuna, if you feel so inclined. Head on over and put your name on the list to get one now.

From the website:

This resin miniature will be Varuna or the Avatar of Change  on your battlefield !

Varuna has the guru skill and will allow you to recruit fighters with the Abyssal trait, so with these octopus will be able to bring a miraculous reprieve to these abysses or slow down the enemy band thanks to its neurological constraint!

The Avatar of Change can only be recruited in a stigma band and you will be able to slow down your opponents or increase the number of points strategy at the beginning of a game.

This figurine comes from a Bruno Bessadi concept put in color by Sebastien Lamirand. It was painted by Julien Quemener
Miniature supplied with a base of 50 mm and two cards of profiles .

Any order containing this product will be sent from November 11th, 2019