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Happy Games Factory Launches Eden Universe Book ulule Campaign

Happy Games Factory has launched a ulule campaignf or their Eden Universe Book. For those that don't know, ulule is a crowdfunding website, much like others, but aimed at a French-speaking audience, but the campaign's bi-lingual, so us English-readers can understand it, too. If you've wanted to know everything possible about the world of Eden, now's your chance.

From the campaign:

Your presence here means that you want to discover the apocalyptic universe of Eden!

Two centuries have passed since a third world war was the cause of unprecedented cataclysms, following the use of a new type of devastating weapon. The world has quite changed! It is now the scene of clashes between the factions that bring together what's left of humanity.

This universe book contains everything you need to immerse yourself in the universe of Eden. All factions are present, the original factions as the henchmen of the city of Sagaar who emerged from the waters not so long ago.

 The original factions are subject to a state of play and to reviews of their different evolutions while the origins of the most recent factions are unveiled and their structures are developed.

The campaign's around 30% funded with 15 days still to go.