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Happy Labor Day

Hey everyone,

Taking the day off to relax some in the bear den. While the picture above is of a nice BBQ grill, and I hope that you all get a chance for some time off and maybe do some outdoor cooking, my cooking will be in the kitchen as I'm finally going to make that Blackout Cake (already took some butter and things out of the fridge to come up to room temperature) that I've been talking about.

Also, a bit of a shameless plug: Some of you might remember me talking about hot sauces occasionally. Well, I'd been doing little write-ups of them on my personal Facebook page. Several of my friends had said "You should start a blog with them!" and so I did. You can find that blog here. It's mostly my hot sauce reviews (around 30 of them so far, with more planned) but will also have some other things going on as well.

So, yeah, not really a gaming post per-se, but there we are. Have a great day and we'll be back tomorrow with all the gaming news that's fit to print.