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HEXplore It: The Domain of Mirza Noctis Board Game Up On Gamefound

... so difficult to not type "Kickstarter" at the end of that. Anyway, The Domain of Mirza Noctis is a new expansion for HEXplore It, a cooperative, fantasy, adventure game, that's up on Gamefound now. It's the fourth in the game's series and, as you can see from the image above, it's a pretty hefty expansion.

From the campaign:

HEXplore It™ is a cooperative, hero building, adventure, board game toolkit. 

The Domain of Mirza Noctis is our fourth Volume in the HEXplore It universe. It is both a stand-alone game and an expansion for our previous Volumes. Journey into the dark realm of Krasvetelia and unearth clues that can unravel Noctis’s dastardly plans.

Players create their heroes by combining two character options: their Role and Race. A third augmentation presents itself in DoMN with the inclusion of Aspects. Additionally, your starting heroes will gain a random Keepsake that may activate upon their untimely demise.

This combination drives your hero's strengths, weaknesses, and defines your special abilities. We've built a bunch of unique choices for you, so no two games will ever play the same.

You'll work together to gather Clues and complete Investigations in order to advance your hero's strength while Mirza Noctis works behind the scenes collecting Blood from the local population.

Choose your own path and explore a modular map that changes with each play-through. Each game yields substantially different events, some controlled by the players, and others occurring randomly.

The campaign's around 4x funded with 29 days left