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Gun & Slinger RPG Up On Kickstarter Now

Gun & Slinger is a post-apocalyptic RPG for 3 players. One takes on the role of the Maestro, effectively the DM/GM for the game. One takes on the role of the Slinger, the mysterious figure who is taking on bounties and staying one step ahead of those hunting them. The third is the Gun. Yes, an actual gun. It's a sentient gun. Why is it sentient? Well, that's part of what you're trying to figure out. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

GUN&SLINGER is an RPG about a weapon and a wanderer. A Maestro and two players (Gun and Slinger) set out into a dead planet mutated by a god's forgotten child and hunt strange bounties, investigate the world, and unlock hidden powers. During play, they seek to learn the nature of what’s hunting the Slinger, figure out why the Gun is sentient, and discover how the world died.

Key Features:

  •    Tell the story of a post-magic world and the people working together to survive.
  •    Explore the nature of a twisted reality and a force that hunts the players.
  •    Use Two different playstyles for the Gun and the Slinger with unique capabilities and mechanics.
  •    Answer Questions & Prompts at the table to establish a bespoke setting to adventure in.
  •    You can be a magical, sentient gun.

The campaign's making its way to 3x funded with 25 days left to go.