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Gun and Gun Card Game Up On Kickstarter

LionWing Publishing and Japanime Games' latest project has launched over on Kickstarter. It's called Gun and Gun (one more, you'd get Trigun). Players must grab their best weaponry and duel it out for superiority in a post-apocalyptic world.

About the game:

LionWing is thrilled to announce that their latest project, the hit Japanese battle card game, Gun and Gun, is now live on Kickstarter! We have packaged the game's core set and its first expansion, "Overheat," together for maximum replayability! You can find the campaign page here.

Gun and Gun is a fast-playing battle card game for that sports action-packed one-versus-one duels, a distinct two-deck draft system, and gorgeous Japanese art that depicts a unique cyberpunk-infused post-apocalyptic world and a cast of anime girls who wield all manner of deadly futuristic firearms. Gun and Gun is the latest game from Japanese design studio Keepdry, the same team that brought you Core Connection: Rise of Atlantis and Core Connection: Titans Unleashed!

Gun and Gun is a "high-speed, double-gun" card game that utilizes both new and traditional battle card game mechanics. It employs an expandable card game model, so there's no need to purchase random boosters. What's most compelling about Gun and Gun though is its trademark two-deck drafting system where players have two decks that they can pull from each game!

Gun and Gun is an approachable competitive card game though not at the sacrifice of gameplay depth. Those who have never played a collectible/trading card game needn't be scared off here; the game's been designed not to overwhelm newcomers and instead get them right into the fun and right into learning the mechanics. Over time, of course, the depth of Gun and Gun's nuanced gameplay begins to show itself, ultimately making it a great experience for newcomers and genre-veterans alike.

The campaign's just over 2x funded with 14 days left to go.