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Guardian Moon Games Running Destination Danger RPG Kickstarter

Ever find yourself out and about and really wanting to play an RPG, but don't have a table or much space to play? With Destination Danger, that's no problem. You can carry this pocket-sized adventure with you anywhere, ready to get gaming at any moment. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Destination Danger is a pocket-sized role-playing adventure set in the 1930s that can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone—you don’t even need a table to play on. The cards in the Destination Danger deck contain all the information needed for a quick and fun role-playing experience (no player’s guide or DM book required!). Since Destination Danger uses simple stats and easy-to-remember rules, anyone—regardless of role-playing experience—can join in and have a blast.

We created Destination Danger to solve the ever-so-present problems of crew, gear and time that so many role-players run into and that intimidate new players from joining in on the fun. Here’s what we mean:

Crew: Say you’re out with some of your gaming crew waiting in line for a movie. You start to talk about your ongoing adventures: the next stage of the campaign, the ill-timed epic fail from last week’s session that left you all in hysterics. You're suddenly hit with that desire to ditch everything and get back to the table right away—but then you remember that so-and-so’s not available tonight, or what’s-her-face needs another few days to plan out the next leg of the quest. 

Destination Danger solves this problem. It plays like a role-playing pickup game, allowing you to play any scenario, with any group, at any time—no need to commit your friends to a weekly game night or wait until an exact group of people is in the same room. In fact, because you can so easily swap players in and out, and because each card is loaded with options and suggestions that will activate each new player’s imagination in a new way, Destination Danger has a lot of replay value. You’ll never fight the same mummy or deadly female assassin twice. 

Gear: Maybe the whole group is together trying out that new ramen place—so you have a crew (and even a table) but you didn’t think to bring a game with you. Or maybe you’re interested in play role-playing games but you don't even know where to get started. All of the books, dice, and character sheets can feel overwhelming! Besides, that’s a lot of gear (dice, game boxes, etc.) to lug around on the off chance you’ll be able to use it... 

The Kickstarter is already over its funding goal, so it's onward through stretch goals for the next 11 days.