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Grimmerspace Sci-Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter

Iron GM Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Grimmerspace, their new sci-fi/horror RPG setting that utilizes the Starfinder rules set. As you can tell from the name, Grimmerspace is not a nice, friendly, shiny sci-fi setting. It's a lot more dark, dirty, and dangerous. And, I mean, it was co-developed by Sean Astin. Yes, that Sean Astin (You know... Sam from Lord of the Rings).

About the campaign:

Grimmerspace is set in a non-magical, science-fiction horror universe, and the citizens of Grimmerspace (“Grimmers”) are veterans of fighting alien abominations from the depths. Despite its strangeness and its terrors, their's remains a rational, scientific reality. Until now.

The Kickstarter for Grimmerspace is now live and has already smashed it's goal!

Grimmerspace is a sci-fi horror RPG setting for the hit Starfinder™ roleplaying game by Paizo Publishing, co-developed by beloved actor/director Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things), along with award-winning game designers Lou Agresta and Rone Barton.

Grimmerspace offers a unique blend of hard-sci fi with fantasy as it's core tension involves a group of powerful magic wielders known as the Sundermages invading the Gliding Rim Galaxy.

The Grimmerspace: Sci-Fi Setting and Adventures book offers over 14 adventures that explore 14 unique locales across the Gliding Rim galaxy. They include intricate detail about the universes regions, their riches, the civilizations that vie to control them, and the terrors that lie in wait. Actor Sean Astin is creative developer on Grimmerspace, injecting his considerable experience within science fiction and fantasy worlds into the eclectic mix of sci-fi horror that is Grimmerspace.

He is joined by Rone Barton, an award - winning game designer and podcaster who is now the co-founder of Iron GM games and co-producer of the Iron GM Tournament and Lou Agresta a game designer and novelist who delivered the five time Ennie- nominated Razor Coast and developed Heart of the Razor, its award - winning companion novel.

"How do you feel about magic invading your rational, sci-fi only setting? Ever want to shoot a mage in the neck? Or do you almost feel sorry for those jik-wielding bad guy wannabes? Almost. They have no idea what they've gotten themselves into. "You're in Grimmerspace now, jik-off!"

Multiple exciting stretch goals are on offer for the project. For fans who want to enjoy the game online there’s a series of stretch goals which will unlock Grimmerspace in Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and D20Pro as part of the ‘Digital Rewards’ goal. These three platforms are the most popular virtual tabletops online and will help make the game accessible to a vast online audience.

Iron GM Games have teamed up with Yarro Studios to create the first Immersive Battle Maps book for Sci Fi, with a specially designed Grimmerspace edition. These gorgeous, always lies flat, draw on them with dry erase, vinyl sticker Battle Maps These are the gorgeous always-lies-flat, draw-on-them-with-dry-erase, vinyl sticker Battle Maps that took Kickstarter by storm. We are so stoked to have them for Grimmerspace!

A series of special pledge levels are available to make it as easy as possible for backers to get stuck into the world of Grimmerspace. Pledging at this level will gain backers the Starfinder Core Rulebook and Starfinder Beginner Box right in the Kickstarter. These are designed so people new to RPG’s or Starfinder can begin to play Grimmerspace right out of the box.

The campaign's already more than 4x funded with 31 days left to go.