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Grey Fox Games Running Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down Board Game Kickstarter

I know I try and give you a bit of an intro to the game here, but looking at this Kickstarter campaign, what Grey Fox Games has typed at the top I can't improve on at all. "A game about killer robots, sad whales and moon demons. If that doesn't interest you, we're out of ideas."

I mean, really.

From the campaign:

Tsukuyumi is a highly asymmetrical strategy game involving deep game play and an immersive story.  It has been launched once before and released to rave reviews from both Dice Tower and the BGG community.  This time, however, we are including miniature figures giving this game the treatment is deserves.  We also have a few new surprises planned along the way, we hope you join us.

Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down is a unique board game set in an original setting envisioned by designer and artist Felix Mertikat. Set in a future where the Moon has crashed to the Earth’s surface  and caused immense chaos, devastating mankind and mutating a number of species.

It’s a game that focuses on strategy, skill, and the unique characteristics of each faction. Do you overwhelm the battlefield with the mighty swarm that is the Dark Seed? Or do you pick and choose your fights with the mobility, weaponry, and guerilla warfare of the Nomads? Maybe it’s the cold science and technological advantage of the CyberSamurai that appeals to you, or the tenacity and ferociousness of the mighty Boarlords. No matter who you choose, everyone faces the Oni, the servants of the white dragon who inhabits the moon!

Variability is the name of the game with Tsukuyumi and not just because of the diverse factions. From the mission-oriented two-player mode to the six-player battle royale with the expansion, you never have to play the same game twice. Not only can you choose WHO you play, and HOW you play, but there are more than 40 tiles to choose from to make the battlefield different every time you play.  Choose your game modes, choose your faction, then choose your battlefield, and fight for world domination in Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down! 

The campaign's working its way to 2x funded with 18 days left to go.