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Grey Cells Mystery RPG Up On Kickstarter

Crime! Crime most foul! Evil is everywhere doing dirty deeds, and it's up to intrepid investigators to bring those responsible to justice. That's where you come in. You are those detectives who are looking for clues, tracking down leads, and chasing criminals in Grey Cells, a new mystery RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Grey Cells is a game of unravelling mysteries. It’s about stepping into a dark morass of crime and deceit, and piecing together nuggets of truth into a full picture of what really happened. Players take the roles of investigators of all stripes - policemen and detectives, reporters, scientists, socialites and criminals (reformed or otherwise).

Every character wields powerful tools to shake loose information from the world. When making deductions, some character abilities can build on the information you’ve gathered to help you connect the pieces more clearly. This makes it much less likely that players become stuck without recourse.

And once you have that information you can start making deductions yourself, or you can have your character help you. Several character abilities assist in interpreting evidence, and can help put your deductions on the right track. They’ll never solve the case for you, but they allow you to utilise your character’s experience in the field to aid in the deductive process, should you need it.

The game emulates your favourite crime fiction genres, whether that be a civil and proper Cozy mystery such as a Hercule Poirot adventure, a hard-boiled detective flick like The Big Sleep, and more! It also provides advice on how to make your game feel the way you want.

Grey Cells is a race, and the villain is already a step ahead. They have their own agenda - the thief escapes with their prize, the hacker erases their tracks, the killer stalks their next victim. Take too long to catch them, and they could be long gone.

Cases can involve a lot of dialogue with non-player characters, be they witnesses, suspects or even friends and allies brought into the world by the players themselves. However, Grey Cells doesn’t have a Charisma stat to help you convince and manipulate them. Instead, how well you can persuade or intimidate someone depends on how much you know about them. Discover what they want, what they fear, and what their dirty secrets are and you’ll have them talking in no time.

This creates a more thematic experience - people won’t cave until you have something to press them with. Also, since success is dependent on something that’s not on your character sheet, each player’s voice is equally powerful; you don’t have to stand aside while the persuasive character does all the talking.

The Kickstarter is at 2x its goal with still 26 days left to go.