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Greenbrier Games Running Kickstarter For Fall of the Spire Expansion for Folklore: The Affliction

The folks over at Greenbrier Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the latest expansion for their Folklore: the Affliction game. It's called Fall of the Spire, and it adds more than just some new monsters and a hero or two. There's Advanced Combat rules, as well as new Town Elements that make things not as simple as they once were.

From the campaign:

This Kickstarter is for an expansion of Folklore: The Affliction, an immersive dark fantasy cooperative adventure. In this expansion, Fall of the Spire, your characters will continue the adventure through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Advanced combat, and Town Events will make even the return trip to civilization more perilous. In addition, the Creature Crate, a Kickstarter Bonus, allows you to store all the miniatures from this campaign and previous ones!

Over 7,200 backers helped to make this game a reality. If you already own the core game, but are ready to delve deeper into the darkness, the “Squire” pledge level contains six full-length stories, and the “Executioner” has both the expansion and the new miniatures along with a Kickstarter bonus full game storage solution!

The campaign is more than 10x funded with still 15 days left to go.