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Golgotha Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

Raiding ancient tombs and civilizations. In the far-off future, it's just as dangerous as it is now, with ancient traps still ready to spring, and all manner of dangerous beast that may have taken up home there. But that's what you're up to in Golgotha, a new sci-fi RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the future. Golgotha is a game of exploration and danger in mysterious dead planets at the edges of an interstellar sphere. The players take on the roles of a crew of explorers and scavengers who seek out, penetrate and rob ancient lost structures on dead planets, known collectively as the Golgotha. It is not as easy as in appears – ancient countermeasures and dangerous guardians still lurk in the depths of the structures, and alien eyes look dimly on invaders in their space, but to those lucky enough to survive the risks, artifacts await – lost technology that the mysterious Overseers covet. Find something of value an in return the Overseers will boost your body, allowing you to finally seek that revenge you have always dreamed of…

Golgotha is a tabletop roleplaying game, played with pencils, paper and dice, that focuses on exploration and adventure in the far future. Thematically, Golgotha is a dungeon crawler in space. Or more accurately, you might say that player characters are performing a heist job or a grave robbery. Instead of the wizards, warriors, clerics and thieves exploring a fantasy dungeon, Golgotha has Ghosts, Blades, Operators and Pathfinders exploring ancient abandoned structures left over from long-forgotten alien civilisations. The end goal is the same, but it is not gold pieces, jewellery and magic items player characters are searching for, it is technological fragments, alien baubles and fantastic mechanisms from civilisations long since dust.

The rules of Golgotha are based on the Black Hack, a simple set of fantasy rules developed for rules light dungeon exploration in the classic style. Golgotha takes the Black Hack and adapts the rules for a science fiction environment, without sacrificing the simple yet intuitive game play, and places it within the Golgotha universe.

The campaign's already up and over its funding goal with 11 days left to go.