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Godspeed now Available From Pandasaurus

The Space Race was a lot less a sprint than a marathon. Sure, the US made it to the moon first. But the Russians made it to the exoplanet around Ursae Majoris first. Now, the US and the Japanese are there, and each one is trying to colonize as much as they can first. That's where you find yourself in Godspeed, a new board game available now from Pandasaurus Games.

From the website:

The Space Race was a lie.

 Look, it's not that the moon landing was faked. It happened. Neil hates the conspiracy theories. The lie is that we ever wanted to go to the moon. We needed a spectacle to show the people. To justify the massive budgets. The agencies.

 Neil stepped on a rock 239,000 miles from Earth. Big deal. I stepped on an Exoplanet circling Ursae Majoris 18 months earlier. It's a one-way trip - so there ain't any going home. No ticker tape parade for me, but that's ok. I'm here for my country.

 See, the Russians beat us here by a few months. Japanese showed up a few weeks after us. We'll colonize this planet for America. Because there isn't a choice....