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Gods of Aventuria Supplement for The Dark Eye RPG Up On Game On Tabletop

In many fantasy settings, the gods don't just play a passive role in everyday affairs. They'll get directly involved. And the rituals, ceremonies, and offerings done for them can get very complex. The Gods of Aventuria supplement for The Dark Eye gives you notes on how to properly do these different rituals. This new RPG supplement is up on Game on Tabletop now.

From the campaign:

Gods of Aventuria gives you lore details about Church Customs around the everyday work of a Blessed One. It describes the importance of the Blessed Ones for their community and the rites surrounding birth, marriage, and death. You will learn how to swear a binding oath and to lay a soul to rest.

In addition to over 150 new liturgies and ceremonies, Gods of Aventuria provides you with Liturgical Enhancements to all liturgies and ceremonies from the Core Rules. They might enhance reach, duration, or even unlock completely new ways of using the liturgies.

The campaign's making its way to 3x funded with 20 days left to go.