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Gods Love Dinosaurs Now Available From Pandasaurus

One of the things we learn early on in school is the food chain and food web. Plants get energy from the sun. Animals and some insects eat the plants. Things eat those animals and insects. Other things eat those things. And on up to the top. Recreating the best food chain is your goal in Gods Love Dinosaurs, now available from Pandasaurus.

From the website:

A Strategy Game of Food Chain Hierarchy!

 Since the beginning of life on earth, one thing has remained constant: the food chain. Small prey subsist off of vegetables or insects, who are then hunted and consumed by predators, who are then hunted and consumed by... dinosaurs?

 Gods Love Dinosaurs is a cheeky, wild, and timeless take on the scientific tale as old as life itself by Spiel des Jahres-nominated designer Kasper Lapp (Magic Maze).

 How do you make an ecosystem flourish with just enough of every life-form in the chain to supply you with dinosaurs to dominate the lands? Resources are scarce, animals can go extinct in an area, and everyone must eat to survive – so moves must be cunning. Life hangs in the balance…