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Goblin King Games Announces March Release Date for Moonstone

Always nice when you can prepare for the future. Goblin King Games has announced that Moonstone, their fantasy skirmish miniatures game, will be hitting shelves in March. Until then, you can check out their website and get prepped for all the gnome-vs-sprite-vs-goblin action.

From the announcement:

Moonstone by Goblin King Games; coming in March 2019 to a store near you, with miniatures from TTCombat and distributed by Kingsley Distribution.

Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy skirmish game for 2-4 players, which sees you leading fairytale inspired characters across dark lands in search of precious moonstones. You’ll compete to collect as many stones as possible before dawn breaks, with bloody combat an almost inevitable outcome.  Who’ll grab the prize first?