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Glitter Hearts RPG Now Available From Japanime Games

There you are, just trying to live your life, when boom, the world needs you. You'll be able to finish that TikTok later. Change into your magical form and head into battle. That's what's happening in Glitter Hearts, a new RPG now available from Japanime Games.

From the website:

Your English homework is half done, your best friend needs help finding a dress for homecoming, and your parents think you aren’t doing enough extra work to get into the best Universities. Compared to that, saving the world is a piece of cake!

Glitter Hearts is an action-packed RPG in a fun filled world of everyday people who transform into powerful super heroes that fight off the forces of evil. Your character will try to find the balance between their everyday life needs and heeding the call to save the world. You and your friends will create your own hero, your own team, and even your own special mascot. With over 150 different moves to choose from, you can build your ideal magical hero that is uniquely you!

Glitter Hearts rules are easy to learn and building your own character is a simple process of making choices that fit your vision. When building a character, you will choose:

  • Your everyday identity – who you are when you aren’t your heroic alter ego.
  • Your magical archetype – what type of hero are you? A warrior, witch, idol, defender, or tactician.
  • Your mystical connection – which element or emotion do you draw your power from?

And then choose your actions from there until you’ve built your hero!