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Glitch RPG Up On Kickstarter

When creating the world for an RPG, there aren't any real limitations. You can go about creating pretty much anything you want, as you are, after all, creating everything yourself. So, if you want a game where characters of extremely immense power, strong enough to destroy entire worlds, decide to not actually go planet-hunting and instead solve mysteries, you can do that. And they have. It's called Glitch and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Glitch is a game about living in a broken world. A game about hope and struggle.

It's a game about people, people like you and me, more or less, people who were like you and me, until they stumbled on a “glitch”—a lesion, a crack, an unfixable and irredeemable break in the fabric of reality; and that glitch broke them, in turn. And for a while, infected by the malice of the endless void beyond the world; for a while, their eyes made open to the true nature of the world, they thought that the answer, the best answer, the only answer, to that break was to end the world itself ...

... until they realized that was dumb.

Now, they solve mysteries!


You can play Glitch for light fun and laughs. You can play it for an experience that'll get under your skin. (It's honestly like most RPGs in that way.)

What the game's tuned for is mostly "light-hearted fun, that can sometimes get quite real."

It's a game of stories, like most roleplaying games; a game of you crafting a story; so all that "something beautiful" stuff, all that "something to make your life better" stuff I wrote earlier: that isn't anything to do with whether you're having light fun or a deeply gripping experience; it's in the kinds of stories I want to help you to tell.

If any of that sounds like your kind of thing, just sign up for "Electronic Fulfillment" or "Material Fulfillment" (or, of course, for whatever you like) over to the right!

The campaign's headed towards 2x funded with 23 days left to go.