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GiantLands Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

GiantLands is a new RPG from game creator James Ward. It's a post-apocalyptic setting where giants have once more risen up to take over the world (hence the name). It's got a classic feel, thanks to having been worked on by an industry veteran of more than 40 years. You can go check out the Kickstarter campaign now.

From the campaign:

"GiantLands is much more than a role-playing set of rules. Although it does detail rules for a fantasy apocalyptic campaign it is also a fantastic dream.  I've been designing fantasy and science fiction games for over 40 years. I designed the first science fiction RPG called Metamorphosis Alpha in 1974 and the first apocalypse game, Gamma World in 1976. I put all that and more into GiantLands. I know fans of role-playing games are going to enjoy this new classic game." - James M. Ward

GiantLands is a new kind of tabletop role-playing game  set in a future world, after a great cataclysm when giants rise to rule the Earth again. I'm Stephen Erin Dinehart IV, Founder and CEO of Wonderfilled and am honored here to offer you something I created together with a true master, originator of so many role-playing games and more, game designer James M. Ward. His first D&D book "God, Demi-Gods & Heroes"  was a supplement to E. Gary Gygax's original "Dungeons & Dragons" famed white box. If you ever loved "Gamma World" like me, you are sure to love what we have in store. Additional team members include classic TSR talent like Ernie Gary Gygax Jr., Kimber Eastland, Jeff Leason and, Larry Elmore, but we need your help to make it a reality, and keep building the team.

The campaign's more than 50x funded (granted, they didn't want a ton to begin with), but there's only 4 days left to go.