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Ghosts of Glencoe Adventure for Liminal RPG Now Available In Digital Form

A trip to the Scottish highlands sounds nice and relaxing. I certainly wouldn't mind going there. However, I might skip it if there's a ton of ghost activity in the region. And that's just what is going on in Ghosts of Glencoe, a new adventure for the Liminal RPG. Players must find out why the restless spirits have been extra-restless lately. You can pick up a pdf of this new adventure now.

From the website:

The crew travel to Scotland to investigate missing climbers in the wilds of Glencoe. To those clued-in, it all points to increased ghost activity; the area is known to be haunted. But what could have stirred up the ghosts?

Join us in this adventure for the Liminal RPG, where the magical and mundane worlds collide in the modern day United Kingdom.