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Get to Know Paizo's Authors

Many of you have purchased and enjoyed reading the various books from Paizo, especially the Lost Omens World and Character Guides. You might be curious as to the people behind the book. Who are the authors? What are they like? What are their hopes and dreams and aspirations? What's their browser history like? Well, Paizo might not be giving you -that- deep a look into all of that, but they're giving you some in this little "virtual meet 'n' greet" with their authors.

From the post:

With the Lost Omens World Guide and Lost Omens Character Guide now being out for a while and with previews and reviews of all kinds floating around the web, I wanted to delve a little further behind the scenes to the authors who actually wrote the material contained within. While the writers of our Paizo products are always credited in the front and back of the books, a simple name in a byline doesn’t give readers much information on the people who work to bring the setting to life! As a final blog to wrap up our promotion of the first two Lost Omens Guides, I reached out to the authors of the two books with the intent of promoting them—as well as any other personal work they would like to promote, so that new fans of their work could find other projects, RPG products, websites, livestreams, and more to enjoy!