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Get a Free Expansion When you Order Mystic Vale From AEG

Mystic Vale is unique among deck-building games in that your number of cards stays the same. It's the cards, themselves, that you change by adding mostly-transparent extra cards to your card sleeve as you play, altering how they work, themselves. There's several expansions out and if you want to get the game and one of said expansions for free, now's your time as that's just the sale that's happening over at AEG now.

From the announcement:

Save the Vale!  Mystic Vale is the original card-craft game, where you not only build your deck as you play, you build your individual cards by sleeving clear cards with various effects on top of one another. Create combos within cards and between cards!  Save the vale from the encroaching blight to win!

Order today and you can receive any of the exciting expansions to Mystic Vale free, with free shipping.

No special code needed, but the offer is for a limited time so don't miss it!