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Get Bit Party Game Up On Kickstarter

Look, you're not going to get me into the ocean. And it's games like Get Bit that are exactly why. Why go into the ocean where I can be actually bit by a shark when I can simply live vicariously through a great party game? Seems simpler. And you can get your copy by heading over to their Kickstarter page now.

From the campaign:

Sand, waves, and a sunny day. What a beautiful day at the beach! You and your friends dive in deep for a bit of summer fun. What's a better way to enjoy the cool, refreshing ocean than a swimming contest? 3, 2, 1, and the racers are off! You're bringing up the rear, but you know that with a little more kicking that you can pull ahead and win this thing!

But then... that's when you see it circling the swimmers.

The unmistakable fin of a hungry great white-tanium shark. And he's headed for you first.

Now it's time to really swim.

Get Bit! is a competitive party game for 2-6 players where you're racing against friends and a pointy-toothed foe. The shark is hungry, and he's coming for your arms and legs! Eventually, the shark will be full and leave what’s left of you alone. But can you survive that long? Swim fast... or Get Bit!

The campaign's up and swimming now with 16 days left to go.