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Germania and Parthians Available For SPQR

SPQR lets players create battles between various ancient races. Warlord Games is letting you fill out your forces some more with Germania and Parthian figure kits. Hmm, Germania, I wonder if one of my ancestors is in that group.

SPQR: Germania

The strength of a Germanic warband lies in its infantry, with most being deployed in a veritable horde of ferocious warriors. What they lacked in sophisticated tactics or quality of equipment was more than made up for by courage and a desire to take the fight to the enemy, sweeping them aside in wild, terrifying charges. These feverish attacks meant they were particularly proficient in close combat; a force to be reckoned with on a one-on-one level.

A warband of Germanic tribesmen will usually be a large force able to crush its enemies by weight of numbers, or the sheer tenacity of its warriors. It may not be accurate to say that they were completely devoid of strategy however; they were known to use certain simplistic battle formations, such as the boar’s head.

SPQR: Parthian Horse Archers

Parthians were renowned for their cavalry, and none more so than their horse archers. Their well-rehearsed tactic of feigning retreat only then to turn around and unleash a storm of arrows into their would-be pursuers is legendary.

In SPQR, Parthian Horse archers may perform two free shoot actions after successfully performing a hit & run.