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Geek Nation Tours Booking for Gen Con 2020 Trip

Gen Con can be extremely hectic. For anyone who's never gone, or even for veterans, there's just so much to do and see that there's a very real chance that one can get overwhelmed, having no idea where to go and thus missing out on a lot of stuff. So, save the hassle of the planning to someone else and get some amazing exclusives while you're at it by booking with Geek Nation Tours. Teras and the crew will have you gaming in style. And especially if you're a Call of Cthulhu fan, you won't want to miss this year's tour. Booking is extremely limited and happening now.

About the tour:

Ready to make the journey to Gen Con but don’t know where to start?  This year Geek Nation Tours and Cthulhu will guide you…  Our Guest of Honour is none-other than Graham McNeill novelist, universe builder and man of madness. Each night he will take GNT participants on trips of horror and insanity via the Call of Cthulhu RPG!  Added to that we have several other special guests each night including a partnership with Mantic Games to host their Mantic Open Night! Come and hang out with the Mantic staff (King Kahuna Ronnie Renton himself will be there) and play Mantic games throughout the night… Anvil 8 Games will also be there with their brand of madness and GNT is looking for even more special guests…

Of course the tour also sports a hotel (Le Meridien) which is two very short blocks from Gen Con itself – easy walking distance so you can bring home loot and return to play more games… The tour also included transfers to and from the airport, 4-day Gen Con badge, all dinners and much more…

All this and GNT has its own HQ throughout for the duration of Gen Con at the Kingmakers Board Game Café! Join us each night for exclusive gaming opportunities..

For a full tour description visit us here: or book here: Know however, that we are already over 50% sold so grab a spot and please your evil master (we are not sure if that is Graham or Cthulhu)…

If you are worried about your soul or have other tour related questions contact GNT at