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Geek Nation Tours Booking For Miniatures in Nottingham Tour

While the pandemic is definitely not over with yet, there's signs that some semblance of normalcy is coming back as people are getting their vaccines. So, it's with great joy that I'm able to tell you about Geek Nation Tours and their Miniatures in Nottingham Tour. Yeah, it's not until 2022, but that'll be here before you know it. Man, I can't wait.

About the tour:

Geek Nation Tours Releases new UK Miniatures “Tourstarter” Tour.

 Geek Nation Tours embarks on a new post Covid future where you - the tour participant - help create the exact tour that you want to go on… GNT’s new “Tourstarter” projects allow tour participants to indicate interest and to help decide the details of a tour with no deposit necessary. For instance, if you are wanting to visit Games Workshop’s Warhammer World, Warlord Games and the home of the mighty John Stallard, plus the tabletops of the Perry Twins check out their Miniatures in Nottingham – 2022 | Geek Nation Tours. But what if you always dreamed of going to the Bovington Tank Museum and Tankfest! or to Salute, Hadrian’s Wall, or the medieval city of York? Or maybe you are itching to try some scotch in Scotland…

 Anything is possible and you decide…