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Geek Nation Tours Booking For Miniatures in Nottingham 2019: Salute Tour

If you're going to go an event, you should go in style. And style is just what they do over at Geek Nation Tours. They've started booking for their Salute 2019 tour. It's the biggest show in Britain, and GNT has more than just taking you to the show. They're going to show you all over the Mecca of gaming: Nottingham.

From the page:

eek Nation Tours is proud to announce our return to the UK in 2019. Geek Nation Tours continues to make the journey to the United Kingdom to celebrate miniature gaming. Every miniature wargaming Geek’s dream is to visit one of the birth places of wargaming – Nottingham England. If you are a fan of 40K, all things Fantasy, Historical Wargaming or even a good old-fashioned Martian Invasion – then this is the tour for you. We will be focusing on rolling dice and we will have no less than five days of wargaming instore for tour participants, not to mention a night of boardgaming.

2019 will see guests from MiniWarGaming come aboard. So far, we have recruited Josh Nelson to run a linked 40K Narrative event that will see us game in the MiniWarGaming universe as we travel the UK. Historical gamers fear not! Geek Nation Tours has never before created a miniature wargames tour so dedicated to the full spectrum of the Wargaming Hobby. Along with some Kill Team andWarhammer 40,000, Teras will also be launching into historical gaming this year and will bring along Warlord Games’ Hail Caesar!and Mantic Games Kings of War: Historical for some crazy historical gaming so those of your already into that part of the hobby won’t be left out of the fun…

GNT is all about bringing the community together in a cool place, so expect painting challenges from every possible wargaming genera and company. We hope to lead wargamers to game outside their normal boxes and cross historical, fantasy and sci-fi boarders…  Be sure to see our “WARNING!!! HOBBY CHALLENGE” notes throughout the tour description…