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Geek Nation Tours Booking For Lake Geneva Clasic RPG Retreat

Growing up in Chicago, I would hear about relatives taking trips up to Lake Geneva to rest and relax. It's known as a resort town, and has been for quite a long time. However, back when I was 7, I didn't realize that it was also where modern gaming also basically started as it was the home to Gary Gygax and the location of the first Gen Cons (the name being a shortened version of The Geneva Convention). I've never actually been to Lake Geneva, but if I were to go, I'd definitely go via Geek Nation Tours, because then I'd know I was doing it right. They're booking now for their Classic RPG Retreat. Hurry and get on the list now as space is limited.

About the tour:

A journey to mecca, and an adventure to the heart of the very creation of the game we all love – Dungeons and Dragons. We go not only to game and to seek out adventure, but also to discover its roots and reconnect with our own pasts. To roll dice and to take on roles of wizard, thief, cleric or warrior. To visit and make merry with a new band of adventurers, to meet elves, dwarves, halflings and orcs… To gain friends as well as gold. Come with us to adventure… come with us on a Geek Nation Tour of epic proportions where you will battle dragons, delve into the deepest dungeons, collect the treasure, meet at the tavern, visit sacred places of power, study ancient texts, listen to tales of lore from wise sages and forge your own path to destiny!

We will travel to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons and all roleplaying games that have come in the time since. We will play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st ed.)in the very house where it was first summoned, the immortal lair of Gary Gygax. We will be joined by Gary’s son Ernie Gygax, who (along with his sister Elise) was one of the first two people to ever play D&D. Ernie was the wizard Tenser of “Tenser’s Floating Disk” fame. What’s more, Ernie will be behind the DM screen to run a very special “everybody in” massive group session of one of his father’s best known (and most feared) modules…The Tomb of Horrors (module S1)! But that is not all, he will be sharing at least one module of his own creation – which will it be though? The Marmoreal Tomb, Dungeon Hobby Shop, Greyon or a favorite from last year - Bad Times for St. Cuthbert. Other former TSR creators will also be on hand running some of their own classic modules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, including Jeff Leason, who was the co-designer of The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (C1). Mr. Leason will also be running playtest games of a sequel to The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan: C2 The Hauntings End! But that is not all! James M. Ward who worked on many things AD&D (Deities and Demigods to mention but one) and is the creator of Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World, will be running us through not only Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World, but also leading us into one of his new games Dragonscales or The Lost 77 Worlds. Mr. Ward will give us the chance to choose the game system but it is likely we will end up dead regardless - he claims that players kill players but we are not sure who the real culprit is...  This and more..

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