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Games Workshop's Kill Team Pre-order Promise

The new edition of Kill Team is coming out this weekend. Well, the pre-orders are, anyway. Now, Games Workshop has had an issue in recent years that their pre-orders will get sold-out almost immediately on the website on Saturday morning. In order to try and combat this, they're offering a new promise: if you pre-order a copy of Kill Team on Saturday, you will get one... ... though maybe "eventually."

From the post:

We’ve all been there on pre-order day – we set our alarm, logged into our account, and braced ourselves to set the world speed record for adding items to a cart… all in the hope of getting that awesome new launch box. And we’ve probably all missed out on something we really wanted because we weren’t fast enough, the doorbell rang, our cat spilled coffee on the keyboard, or scalpers got there first.

Well, not this time!

Running out of stock sucks. We know we’ve let you down in the past – so we’re going to do something about it, right now.

This weekend, Games Workshop is making a promise to everyone who orders Kill Team: Octarius during the pre-order weekend – we guarantee you’ll get a copy. Simple!

So, feel free to answer that doorbell or take your cat downstairs knowing you don’t need to scour the internet and pay some dirty scalper a cut just to get the latest boxed set.