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Games Workshop Unveils February Mini of the Month

Every month, Games Workshop puts out an exclusive mini to their GW stores. This month, it's a new Dire Avenger for the Aeldari. They've also gotten this month's coin up. It's great for all you greenskins out there.

From the article:

February is an auspicious month for the Aeldari, with an upcoming codex and the largest range of brand new models they’ve ever seen. The Shining Spears and Dark Reapers Aspect Warriors arrive in complete plastic kits for the first time, and to celebrate, a fellow plastic disciple of Khaine is February’s Miniature of the Month.

In Warhammer stores everywhere from Saturday the 5th of February, these Dire Avengers* are tough and dependable warriors who seek mastery over the craftworlds’ iconic shuriken catapults, doggedly defending critical objectives in the face of overwhelming odds.