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Games Workshop Talks the Future of Warcry

I know, "We need to talk about the future of this game" often means it's going away, but it's the exact opposite here with Games Workshop and Warcry. Short version is that the game's going to be getting new box sets each 3 month and those sets are going to have entirely new models in them.

From the article:

The Warcry: Heart of Ghur boxed set hits the shelves of your local Warhammer store tomorrow. It’s going to be followed shortly by Be’lakor’s chosen, the Chaos Legionnaires, but this is just the beginning of a complete and well-supported new edition of Warcry – so grab your maps, and let’s head deeper into the Gnarlwood.

Warcry will now follow in the footsteps of Kill Team, with new boxed sets every three months. Each box will contain more scenery that takes you even deeper into the twisted forests of Ghur. 

What’s more, each one will contain two brand-new warbands. Yes, brand-new – no upgrade sprues, no existing kits. These warbands are all 100% original, and they’re drawn from factions across the Mortal Realms, not just those in the thrall of Chaos. Ssshh, don’t tell Archaon. Plus, you’ll be able to use these new miniatures in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.